Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod is under development

The Just Cause series seems like it would be a perfect fit for co-op multiplayer, just you and a couple of buddies causing chaos and wanton destruction for no reason other than to look at pretty explosions, yet its a feature that never came to be. Not in an official fashion anyway!

Nanos, the folks behind the rather excellent Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod, have recently posted an update on their progress with Just Cause 3's variant, and I have to say, its looking pretty damn impressive already. Here's the video showcasing a whole bunch of people flying around without any lag or issues with synchronization, and most surprisingly, no collisions with those pesky trees:


If you're wondering why the progress on Just Cause 3 MP is taking so long, the reason is the new Denuvo anti-cheat system that has made the game's sensitive bits nearly impenetrable. This new-age DRM is apparently so strong that Just Cause 3 has still not been cracked, and from the explanations I've read a while back, it will probably remain as such for many years to come. While its quite effective at combating pirates, it has also made modding a bit of a nightmare, hence the situation Nanos is currently in. Luckily, they do seem to be making good headway regardless!

While there is no publicly available Just Cause 3 multiplayer server running, you can follow the development over at the Nanos Forums and be among the first to find out when the closed testing will begin.

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