Just Cause 3 Mech Land War DLC

The Just Cause series has always been about one thing, and one thing only, pure explosion-fueled chaos. As it so happens, its exactly this that the recently released Mech Land Assault DLC offers, but instead of doing all of the exploding personally you will be able to hijack a giant, heavily-armed mech in order to expedite the process.

Mech Land Assault is already available for Season Pass holders, but if you are only looking for it specifically you will be able to buy it when it 'officially' releases on June 10, at a $12/€12 price tag. Here's the recently posted trailer to give you an idea of what all of this metal madness looks like in action:


As you may have noticed, its not just you that gets brand new toys to play around with. The abandoned eDEN research base has been spewing out all sort of robotic monstrosities, and since Rico is the least likable person in the entire world they are all out for his blood. Its not all that bad, however, as you will be able to use the various new energy weapons to either dismantle or hijack them, which makes me wonder why the opposition even bothers fielding them against you.

Personally, I'm not actually sure what to think about this DLC. When I play Just Cause its usually to relax by roleplaying as the C4 fairy, a mystical being that goes around from military base to military base blowing up every single thing in sight before hijacking a plane and promptly smashing it into the nearest mountain. The inclusion of friendly mechs I can see as a welcome addition to my explosive escapades, but if every enemy base starts being littered with numerous robotic enemies, enemies that don't simply blow up, I have to wonder if the pacing is going to suffer because of it. 

I haven't played the DLC so all of this is just my speculation, but I would recommend you read the reviews before making your purchase as this one has the potential to actually make the game worse, as odd as that sounds.

Just Cause 3 Mech Land Assault DLC brings forth mechs