Just Cause 3 PC performance patch is now live

Just Cause 3 has had a rocky launch, to put things lightly, with many people (including me) having annoyingly long load times, random but severe FPS drops and a whole host of other issues.

Things are looking up, however, as the now available PC update promises to improve load times, fix memory leaks as well as various other crashes and annoyances. Here's the short, but important, list of patch notes:

- Reduced initial loading time and in-game loading screens by 20-50%

- Fixed several memory leaks resulting in crashes

- Reduced a number of random crashes

- Improved streaming of game world

- Some performance optimizations related to hitches and stuttering

- Implemented DLC system in preparation of the Air, Land and Sea packages 

While many players on the Steam forums are reporting improvements there is also a worrying amount of people stating that the patch either did nothing at all, or caused further issues, so your mileage may vary when it comes to performance improvements. In either case, its still a most welcome patch to a game that needs many more like it.

Along with this performance update came a bit of information on the upcoming DLC. The Sky Fortress pack will be priced at $12/€12/£9,5 while the Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass is available for $25/€25/20£. All three content packs will be available by the end of summer 2016 and released one week early to those that hold the Expansion Pass. 

If you're hunkering for some more Just Cause 3 content, the JC3 Multiplayer mod is currently under development and given that it already has a gameplay trailer I'd imagine we won't have to wait too long for it to come out. Have a look: