Just Cause 3 Rico sticking a car to the side of a building

If you're looking for a game that's essentially a Michael Bay movie you can participate in, the overabundance of explosions and poor writing included, then you might want to check out Just Cause 3. Its completely free to try out for the next two days, so if you're interested simply head over to Steam and click on that shiny green "Play Game" button.

While you're there you might also want to check out the Just Cause 3: Multiplayer mod. It unfortunately doesn't feature any NPCs, but at least it gives you the rare chance to see what happens when 100+ people have jets and rocket launchers on hand at all times.

During the free weekend Just Cause 3 will be 75% off, and this also includes the XL Edition which comes with all of the DLC. Whether Just Cause 3 worth the purchase, that I'll leave for you to decide, but its definitely worth at least checking out as there are very few games like it. Have fun!