Screenshot of the newly announced Jump Force fighting game featuring Light and Ryuk from Death Note

Out of all the announcements that came out of this year's E3, Jump Force might just be the strangest and most intriguing one. I mean, it's not every day you get to see a fighting game that pits characters from Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball and even Death Note against each other in what appears to be a city-sized battlefield!

Since this is one of those things you're better of seeing than reading about, allow me to share with you the recently posted trailer. Have a look, as it's quite the sight to behold!

There are currently very few details available, but I must say my interest is piqued. After all, how in the world is Light from Death Note going to work as a fighting game character given that his greatest strengths are his intellect and his ability to aggressively each chips. As funny as it would be to have Light just scribble down "Goku" and call it a day, I think the developers will probably have come up with something a bit more interesting. 

What exactly that's going to be, I'm afraid we're going to have to wait for a while to find out as Jump Force is set to arrive in 2019 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.