Screenshot of John Romero's Doom mod Sigil

After somewhat recently creating a couple of new Doom maps, John Romero has decided to take things a step further and create an entire map pack called Sigil. Each of the nine new singleplayer levels will feature weapons, monsters and tilesets from the original Doom, while the music will be a combination of new and old tracks from Buckethead.

However, while most of the content will be coming straight from the original Doom, Sigil's maps will be designed in a significantly different way than the originals. You can expect to see a much higher difficulty level, a variety of neat tricks that haven't been used much in the vanilla Doom maps, as well as plenty of John Romero's signature monster traps.

Sigil will be coming for free this May 31st, but if you feel like supporting John Romero's endeavors, there is a couple of pieces of merch currently on sale. Not exactly my kind of style, but it seems to be pretty nifty regardless.

You can learn a little bit more about Sigil and John Romero's inspiration for the level pack, as well as check out the above mentioned merch, over at the official website.