Insurgency: Sandstorm is a complete remake of Insurgency in UE4

Insurgency is a well made indie tactical shooter that is almost capable of standing shoulder to shoulder with the giant that is Counter Strike. An impressive achievement no matter how you look at it.

But it seems that the Insurgency team isn't satisfied with simply being number 2 as they have just announced Insurgency: Sandstorm, a complete rework of the game based on the UE4 engine. Here's some more information and a few screenshots:

Insurgency UE4 screenshot

Its commendable that the cleaners are still working in a war zone. That floor is sparkling

Sandstorm is powered by Unreal Engine 4 so you're going to be seeing a major visual, and more importantly, technological upgrade to Insurgency. Along with the new engine comes the ability to easily port Sandstorm to different platforms so expect to see it on the PC, Linux, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One. If you're worried that the developers are abandoning the PC platform that made them big in the first place, don't worry, they still have plenty of PC related features in the works.

While on the topic of new features, Sandstorm is going to contain a fully realized single player story campaign focused on a squad of characters as they face increasing hardships, from the invasion of Iraq in 2003 to the present day. As expected, there is going to be a renewed effort to focus on the more competitive nature of Insurgency but what exactly that entails the developers weren't willing to share just yet.

Insurgency Unreal Engine 4 screenshot

A sharp contrast to the smooth & clean streets found in current maps

While there is no official release date the team has announced that they will be holding a Sandstorm live stream this week, February 27th at 3pm EST, so if you're interested in more information make sure to tune in.

As a final note I just wanted to point out that Insurgency sold a total of 2.3 million copies on the PC alone. That is beyond impressive for even AAA standards, let alone an indie game.