The Wolf Among Us screenshot showing Bigby and a pig smoking

[Update]: Telltale Games are working on a story-driven series based on The Expanse TV show.

While the future for The Wolf Among Us 2 was looking incredibly bleak once Telltale closed down its doors, I am happy to say that sometimes good things do happen to games that deserve it as the development on The Wolf Among Us 2 has now started once again! AdHoc Studio will be the ones developing the game following in the same traditions as Telltale, which shouldn't be all that hard as they have a fair few Telltale veterans among them.

The details for The Wolf Among Us 2 are still few and far between, to the point that AdHoc Studio haven't even given an estimate of when the first episode is supposed to launch. As such, this is the perfect opportunity to give the original another playthrough, or to start it for the very first time!

With that in mind, I'm also happy to say that the original The Wolf Among Us is entirely free to grab until December 19th. All you have to do is hop by the Epic Games Store, log into your account or create a new one, and you'll be ready to smash fantasy creatures over the head with whiskey glasses in no time!

Personally, I'd highly recommend it as for The Wolf Among Us is some of Telltale's very best work, beaten only by the excellent first season of The Walking Dead. It's also entirely free and fairly short, so give it a look if you're even remotely interested in story-focused games.

Have fun!