Dota 2's Luna carrying around a bunch of items

If you thought The International 2016's $18,500,000 prize pool was already ridiculously massive, you've seen nothing yet as Valve has just unleashed the third and final Immortal Treasure upon the world of Dota 2. Given the quality of the items on offer, I think its safe to say that the prize pool is going to get a couple of million added to it over the next week or so as the lure of hats is far too much for mortal men to resist.

You can find the full list of Immortals, their effects, as well as a brief video of them in action over at the Dota 2 website, but if you're simply wondering which heroes are getting some fancy new cosmetics, here's the list:

Common Tier: 

Slark - Weapon with new pounce and essence shift effects

Earth Spirit - Weapon with new rolling boulder effect

Bane - Shoulder with new nightmare effect

Ogre Magi - Back with new multicast effect

Razor - Weapon with new plasma field effect

Medusa - Armor with new mana shield effect.

Rare Tier: 

The International Compendium Upgrade +50 levels

Very Rare Tier:

Slark - Golden variant of the previous item

Ultra Rare Tier:

Lina - Neck item with a brand new Laguna Blade effect.

While Razor isn't really being picked right now, at least not in standard matchmaking, his Immortal item is a definite highlight for me given how spectacular that plasma field looks. Unfortunately for me, my second favorite cosmetic is Lina's ultra rare item, which basically means I am never going to get it since I only have one box to open and don't feel like spending $50 on a single hat, but then again its rarity is half of its appeal so I can definitely see why Valve doesn't want everyone to open one.

Speaking of which, you will be granted an Immortal Treasure 3 at the following Compendium levels: 1, 167, 179, 191, 200, 210, 240 (repeats every 30 levels). It might not be the most cost effective set of items to collect, but once they finally hit the community market you'll be able to grab stuff off the common tier at a rather reasonable price, so there's no need to despair if you can only open 1 box. Good luck!