Dark Souls 3 CTD issues can be fixed by turning down lighting

I've played Dark Souls 3 for over 25 hours now, and I have not encountered even a single bug or crash despite trying to in order to test the PC version, but unfortunately, some where not so lucky as there seems to be a fairly wide spread crash-to-desktop issue when approaching bonfires.

Thankfully, there does seem to be a solution. According to the Steam Forums, the crashes are related to some kind of a bug within the lighting system, and fiddling with it can result in a perfectly stable Dark Souls 3 experience. There's two confirmed ways you can go about this:

• Set the lighting quality to low. The visuals will be slightly impacted, but until FromSoftware releases a fix this seems to be the only 'guaranteed' way of correcting the issue.

Use helms that completely cover your face, such as the one the Knight class starts with. While this fix requires you to make a sacrifice in terms of looks (if you're not a fan of closed helmets), it does come with the added benefit of allowing you to play with the lighting settings on max.

As a final note, don't let these sort of issues dissuade you from getting Dark Souls 3. As I've noted in my review, its one of the finest games I've played in many years, and a rather strong candidate for my favorite game of all time, and I don't use those words lightly.