Doom's demon enemies

During a recent Nvidia event Id Software came on stage to show off Doom's performance when backed up by the monstrously powerful (and expensive) GTX 1080. To top things off, they also used the Vulkan API, which is essentially the OpenGL equivalent of DirectX 12, though they didn't mention how much it actually impacted Doom's performance.

The end result of all of this was some rather stunning footage of Doom that managed to constantly remain between 150 - 200 FPS, and best of all, the presenter actually seemed to be capable of aiming unlike the previous few trailers where we only got to enjoy watching the Doom guy flail about. That mini-rant aside, here's the video:


If you're just looking for the best possible footage, skip to around the 1:10 minute mark when the FPS cap (and V-SYNC) get taken off and Doom soars to 160 FPS almost instantly.

Doom will be launching this Friday, May 13th, and even if you don't have a GTX 1080 you should still be able to get some rather fancy visuals, though the quality of the actual gameplay is still in question given how bland the multiplayer felt.