Doom Slayer from id Software's Quake Champions

After a variety of closed betas Quake Champions has now finally arrived to Early Access, so if you ever wanted to give it a try you now have a chance to do so. As you might expect, there is a price attached, $30 to be specific. On the positive side, this purchase unlocks all current and future champions for you, so if you decide to grab it you will never again have to grind for any sort of gameplay elements.

In terms of content the Early Access build has brought with it 11 Champions to play around with (including the newly added Doom Slayer), 4 different game modes, a variety of maps, as well as a bunch of cosmetics to play dress-up with. Naturally, more content is planned for the near future, though the details have not been revealed just yet. What I can tell you, however, is that Quake Champions will be getting at least 6 new characters by the end of 2018, the emphasis here being on "at least".

If all of this sounds like something you might enjoy messing around with, you can grab yourself a copy or just find out more by heading over to either Steam or the official website. And finally, here's the recently posted launch trailer to give you a good idea of just what kind of FPS Quake Champions really is. Enjoy!