Humble Square Enix Bundle 3 is released and its filled with some really great games

I don't tend to cower these sort of bundles very often, mostly because they're filled with gaff, but today's one has a lot of value packed in so I figured I would share it with you guys.

The recently released Humble Square Enix Bundle 3 will set you back a "maximum" of $8,99 and for that you'll get some really amazing games that will keep you entertained for for good long while. Here's a quick overview of what I feel are the stand-out games in the pack:

The $1 and more tier is what I would consider an appetizer to the whole sale, a couple good, but niche games, that you wouldn't really want to buy on their own but as a bonus for a bigger purchase they are pretty solid.

The Last Remnant is a really interesting JRPG that I remember enjoying greatly back when I first bought it years ago. It does suffer from a fatal flaw however, fighting random encounters scales the game's difficulty up without actually increasing your power much. There are workarounds for this, most notably just avoiding random fights but its an unfortunate blemish on an otherwise great game. If you can deal with that nonsense I'd still suggest you try it.

Life is Strange: Episode 1 is unfortunately only the first episode of an otherwise great "choose your own adventure" type of a story game, similar to the stuff Telltale does but with a far greater focus on choices and impact. I love Life is Strange and I fully recommend you get the game but if you aren't convinced you can try out the first episode as a sort of a teaser.

The old Tomb Raiders and Soul Suspect I wouldn't recommend you try unless you're sure you want to because in the case of Tomb Raider the games haven't aged terribly well and Soul Suspect was never good to begin with.

The last remnant is a good JRPG with a sadly annoying flaw

The Last Remnant is as JRPG as it gets

The second, $4,57 tier is where things get really interesting.

Final Fantasy XIV gives you both the Final Fantasy XIV MMO as well as 30 free days of subscription so if you ever wanted to try out the game in a more serious fashion without breaking open your bank, this would be the best opportunity to do so. You can get some serious play time in 30 days, and for only $4,57 that is one hell of a deal.

The other game in this tier I fully recommend is Just Cause 2, my contender for one of the most fun action games out there. Your entire goal in JC2 is to cause as much chaos and wanton destruction as possible, consequences be damned. Add to this a grappling hook that defies gravity, parachutes you can pull straight out of your arse, a stupidly large world map and you have great game to unwind with.

The other games I know little about so I won't comment anything about them, but just the two I mentioned above make this tier more than valuable. And if that wasn't enough there are more games still coming so keep an eye out for those as well.

Just Cause 2 is an excellent FPS with a focus on chaos, destruction and most importantly, FUN

This sums up Just Cause 2 pretty well

And the final tier is no slouch either.

Lara Croft & The Temple Of Osiris is the sequel to Guardian of Light, a coop take on the standard Lara Croft formula which turned out better than expected. I only played GoL but if Temple of Osiris remained anywhere near the same level of quality I can fully recommend it as a great little coop game for you, your friends and a couple of beers.

Tomb Raider on the other hand is the "serious" installment in the Lara Croft series and its actually not bad although it does suffer from a fear of its own past. The most interesting elements of the game are completely optional because Tomb Raider is worried the new generation of players can't handle simple puzzles, a damn shame. But even so, Tomb Raider was a fun albeit relatively short game that won't leave you feeling dissapointed afterwards.

And speaking of disappointment, Hitman Absolution. Don't get me wrong, its by no means a bad game, far from it, but its nowhere near the quality of Blood Money. The majority of the levels eschew open areas in favor of tight and checkpoint rich enclosed spaces which don't really gel with the Hitman formula. This combined with the completely broken disguise system that made chefs from across the town instantly alert the police if they saw anyone wearing a similar hat made Hitman Absolution a bit of a chore for me to complete.

Once again, its not a terrible game but it wasn't what I signed up for when I bought a Hitman game. It felt like they were trying to make Agent 47 in to more of an action hero, kind of what the terribly-looking movie is trying to do as well, and it just doesn't fit with the stealthy gameplay the Hitman series is famous for.

Hitman Absolution is not a bad game, its just a bad Hitman game

Ironically enough for a game called Hitman, there was too much shooting involved

And that's it for this overview. Make sure to check the Humble Bundle page in a couple of days when the extra games arrive and don't worry, if you paid enough to unlock the second tier ($4,57) the new games will instantly unlock for you without any issues.