Humble Firaxis bundle is live and filled with great games

As a big fan of strategy games Firaxis has been one of rare few companies to consistently feed my "addiction" with quality releases that had never lost that "I need to play one more turn..." feeling despite hundreds of hours I sunk in to them.

So I'm happy to tell you that during the currently running Humble Firaxis Bundle you can grab their very best, including various Civilization games and Xcom itself, at a rather low $8.69.

As a new player you might be tempted to spend a few more bucks and grab Beyond Earth as well but unless you are really in to the space theme Civilization V features many of the same mechanics but with a lot more content and polish. Despite my love for Firaxis I'll be the first to admit that Beyond Earth pales in comparison to Alpha Centauri and still needs an expansion or two more before it matches Civilization V.

What I would recommend instead is to go for the second tier, the $8,69 one, as you will get a good variety of great modern games as well as most of the timeless classics Firaxis worked on. Alpha Centauri is strangely missing given its popularity but I have a feeling it'll show up as a "bonus" game a couple of days from now so do make sure to keep an eye out for that as well.

If you feel like you have no need for free time, friends or a consistent sleep schedule I fully recommend you go for this bundle because there is a lot of excellent turn-based gameplay for you to explore in a variety of forms, from shooty action to swashbuckling or simple good ol' global conquest. Fans of strategy games can't go wrong with this one.