House of the Dying Sun beautiful visuals

House of the Dying Sun, previously known as Enemy Starfighter, is a space combat sim that seems to be an intriguing blend between Freespace and Homeworld. The biggest difference when compared to other members of the genre is that you don't control just one ship, but rather an entire fleet you can either order around while piloting your favorite, or jump from one ship to another in an effort to personally turn the tides.

While the official release date is still earmarked for summer you can get a sneak peek at House of the Dying Sun a lot earlier given that its now available on Steam Early Access for €18, which includes the currently ongoing 10% discount. If you're wondering what all of this looks like in action, here's the recently posted launch trailer:


As of right now House of the Dying Sun is mostly feature complete, though its most certainly not polished enough for an official release. In its current state it features a campaign that spans "14 brutal combat scenarios with 3 difficulties", VR support so you can really get into the action, and a whole bunch of weapons and upgrades to toy around with. Once complete you can expect to see a complete balance pass, a bigger array of weapons and upgrades to unlock, carefully-tuned combat scenarios, and a special wave-clearing mode designed for faster pick-up-and-play sessions.

Whether its any good or not, that I'm afraid I can't tell you, but from a cursory glance over the Steam reviews it seems like an enjoyable experience that's unfortunately a bit short on content. If you do decide to grab House of the Dying Sun I would recommend taking the time to do a bit more research, just in case.

House of the Dying Sun screenshot from cockpit