Hotline Miami 2's level editor

After being in beta for nearly half a year now, the Hotline Miami 2 Level Editor is finally ready for a public release. In other words, you can now create your own Hotline Miami 2 maps, share them via the Steam Workshop, and then gloat at the incompetence of all your friends as they fail again and again to pass through your murder-hallway.

As a part of its transition from beta to full release the Level Editor has also received an update simply titled as v1.05, which brings with it a number of minor fixes and changes. You can read the full patch notes over at the Level Editor forum on Steam.

If you've previously used the Level Editor to create any maps for either yourself or others to enjoy, make sure to try them once again as there is a chance they might not be compatible with the latest version. Most people are reporting that the transition went without a hitch, but its better to be safe than sorry.

That aside, there are currently 722 single levels and 98 campaigns available on the Steam Workshop, so if you've got a couple of hours to waste (and potentially your sanity as well), make sure to give them a try and see what the community has managed to cook up.

And as a final note, here's a heartfelt message Dennaton extended to the community for their patience and support with the Level Editor's development:

"Thank you so much for your patience and help over the extended development of the level editor. Without your passion, help, and feedback this would not have been possible. Now please go make Hotline Miami 3! "

Hotline Miami 2 level editor screenshot