Hob is an action-exploration game with a focus on puzzles

This announcement comes from the recent PSX but despite all of the Playstation branding surrounding it, Hob will be launching simultaneously on the PC as well.

Hob is an exploration-adventure game described by the developers as a "Rubik's cube collapsed in on itself". You will need to solve puzzles and defeat monsters in order to open up more areas of the game but with every shift of the map even previous locations might change so you're encouraged to explore the world rather than beeline for the end.


You will be dropped in to the world of Hob with no introduction, backstory or motives, your only goals are to survive and figure out what is happening. The story will reveal itself in small chunks as you explore the various areas so being through in your search is encouraged. While the developers haven't said anything concrete about the actual story they did hint at it being rather involved:

"There’s a deep and satisfying story to Hob, but you’ll have to play it to unravel the secret."

The core gameplay mechanics of Hob revolve around the use of your enlarged metal arm which functions as a puzzle-solving device or as a defensive tool in combat. The idea is that you will be able to re-arrange the blocks that form the world itself thus creating new paths forward as well as changing the layout of places you've already explored. While I don't know how exactly the system will work I do know that it will most likely be a fun one because it sounds like a re-imagining of the Metroidvania style of exploration, which is excellent.

Hob - an action adventure game that seems to be Metroidvania in style

Using new-found powers to open closed off places in previous areas? Sure sounds like Metroidvania to me.

As of right now there is no release date but the trailer did mention it as "soon" so who knows, it might be early 2016. And as the closing word for the article, here's what the developers describe Hob as:

"At its heart, Hob is a mystery of who you really are. Not only are you alone and possibly the only one of your kind, but also you’re the only character who can affect the shape and purpose of the world. Through your exploration you will fix a broken world, and learn your true identity."