Hitman's Marakesh screenshot

Those of you looking to make Hitman's various locations as realistic as possible will be glad to hear that an upcoming update will add support for High Dynamic Range (HDR). Once the January 31st update arrives you'll be able to achieve much more vibrant colors as well as more detailed environments... provided your monitor or TV is capable of supporting HDR.

Since I don't know much about HDR or how it works, allow me to share with you the explanation from IOI's Programmer Anders Wang Kristensen: "As an example, think of 47 in a dark room looking out a bright window. Without HDR you would not be able make out what's outside, whereas with HDR you can simultaneously see details inside the room and outside the window. Another extreme example is the sun. Without HDR we could not render the sun brighter than a white piece of paper, so we had to ‘simulate’ the sun being blinding. With HDR we can draw the sun several times brighter, so that it is actually close to being blinding, just like in real life."

And finally, if you're wondering what this might look like, here's the example IOI provided with the announcement. Simply click on the image if you want the larger version.

small Hitman screenshot featuring new HDR option