Hitman 3 neon screenshot

[Update #2]: Hitman 3's free July update has added a brand new map to completely ransack- Ambrose Island.

[Update]: The Hitman Trilogy has now arrived, though sadly not without quite a few issues.

If you are looking for an excuse to dive into the Hitman series for the very first time, mark January 20th on your calendar as that's when the Hitman Trilogy will be landing for PC and consoles. As the name would imply, the Hitman Trilogy will combine all three of the modern Hitman games into a single, convenient package alongside a couple of extras.

Most excitingly, the Hitman Trilogy will launch with support for PC VR in all three games, thus ending a year of PSVR exclusivity for Hitman 3. The exact list of supported devices has not been revealed just yet, but the brief announcement does mention it'll be available on "the most popular hardware to deliver the best experience to as many players as possible."

The good news doesn't end there either as IO Interactive have also announced a whole bunch of new content that will be releasing throughout the year. First and foremost, January 20th will bring with it the Elusive Target Arcade that essentially functions as an enhanced and always-present version of the Elusive Target missions, just with even more challenges to overcome than usual.

Later down the line you can expect to see a brand new map, a roguelike game mode called Freelancer, as well as a bunch of technological improvements to help spruce up the visuals. Pretty intriguing stuff, even if it is a ways away.

Once we get more information, and once once the Hitman Trilogy arrives, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can read a little bit more about IO Interactive's plans for the Hitman series over at the official website.