Hitman's update 1.03 adds 10 new challenge missions for Paris

Over the course of the month the Paris level has been available, Hitman players have electrocuted, chandeliered, and poisoned their way across an entire mansion's worth of content, but eventually there comes a point where you've done everything you can in a single level, and require something a bit more fresh.

This is where Hitman's Update 1.03 comes in to play as it brings in numerous bug and balance fixes, but also 10 brand new "Vampire Magician' challenges to give you something to do before the next episode, Sapienza, arrives on April 26. 

The Vampire Magician challenge pack, besides having quite possibly the best name imaginable, is inspired by how the community has been playing the game so far, and is designed to be as unique as possible. Whether it manages to accomplish that or not, you'll be able to find out soon enough as Update 1.03 has already been deployed.

Hitman - vampire magician challenge pack has arrived

As far as performance is concerned, you will be delighted to hear that the load times have been significantly improved on all platforms, especially for The Showstopper mission in Paris, and that the in-game menus no longer freeze for a fraction of a second.

And for those of you that care about getting the high score, the issue that resulted in many players earning a "0 second" time and an incorrect score of 210,000 has been resolved. A ladder reset is planned for the near future, though the devs didn't specify the date.

There's a whole bunch of other small bug fixes, and performance improvements as well, so if you're interested in those I would recommend you head over to the official patch notes.

Once again, the next episode, titled Sapienza, will be set in Italy and available on April 26.