Hitman's Elusive Target Contract - The Gunrunner

Hitman's fifth Elusive Contract is set to arrive today, July 1st at 14:00 CEST / 5:00 PDT, and will feature a target simply known as The Gunrunner. While there is very little actual information on the contract itself, I can at least confirm that The Gunrunner is true to his name given that he seems to be running about with an obscene amount of weaponry, as seen on the screenshot above.

For those of you that might not know anything about Elusive Contracts, its well worth mentioning that this is a special mission you can only attempt once, and whether you succeed or fail you are going to have to live with the consequences of your actions. To make things even more tense, you only have 72 hours to attempt these missions before they disappear forever, but if you do manage to persevere despite all odds you will be working towards unlocking a rather swanky cosmetic reward.

The first of these cosmetic rewards is Agent 47's Signature Suit from Hitman Absolution (pictured below), and you will be able to unlock it after completing 5 Elusive Target Contracts. In other words, if you were diligent, and more importantly, successful with your contracts so far, you will now have a chance to acquire a brand new suit to show off your superiority over the under-dressed rabble.

There will be even more rewards coming in the future, along with a whole bunch of new Elusive Targets to hunt down, but do bear in mind that with each contract you fail the changes of you securing some of these high-end rewards goes down significantly. So do make sure to do your best as you hunt down The Gunrunner through the busy markets of Marrakesh.

Hitman's exclusive suit modeled after the one from Absolution