Gary Busey is now a part of the newest Hitman game

Only a couple of days have passed since Hitman's sixth Elusive Target appeared and already IO is announcing a brand new one. The twist this time around, however, is that the target was chosen through an online "Choose Your Hit" campaign where fans got to vote between two Hollywood stars: Gary Cole and Gary Busey.

As you can probably guess from the title, Gary Busey has managed to secure the popular vote and as such he will appear as a special Elusive Target on Thursday, July 21 at 2pm CEST / 5pm PDT. Given the rather... unique status of this Elusive Contract, the whole event is set to last for an entire week, so try not to miss it as its bound to be something special.

If this is your first Elusive Contract, allow me to give you a brief idea of what's going on. Every once in a while the Hitman team will add a brand new NPC to one of the currently available maps, along with a mission that will only last for a couple of days after which it will be gone forever. To make things even more tense, you will have only one chance to take down your target and if you end up failing or dying somewhere along the way, that's it, there's no second chance!

Successfully completing these missions is an immensely difficult task, there's no denying that, but its also the closest you will ever get to a true "Hitman" challenge, something that long-time fans have been hoping would get added for many years now. It might not be for everyone, but its certainly a unique experience and one that's well worth going through, especially since you don't lose anything when you fail and when you succeed you slowly work towards unlocking cosmetic rewards.

Speaking of which, here's one of the suits you can unlock. Its Agent 47's outfit from Hitman: Absolution:

Hitman Absolution's Signature Suit