Hitman GO is coming to Steam on February 23rd

Hitman GO is a bit of a strange take on the Hitman franchise. Rather than having huge open-ended levels and real-time action Hitman GO focuses on a large amounts of short but difficult turn-based challenges.

It initially released on mobile platforms and the Windows 10 store to some great reviews and is now making its way to Steam, PS4 and Vita on February 23rd at a €7,99/$7,99 price tag. Here's the announcement trailer showcasing some of the gameplay:


The Definitive Edition coming next week will arrive with updated visuals and all of the content the mobile versions received, including the Paris Opera from Blood Money and the St. Petersburg Stakeout from Hitman 2. The Steam version is also bringing the usual array of Steamy features such as trading cards, achievements, wallpapers and so forth.

While I have personally never played it, almost everything I've read about Hitman GO points to it being a fun and lengthy series of challenging puzzles so if you require something to tide you over until Hitman's first few missions release in March this seems to be your best bet.