Heroes Of The Storm Summer Season begins April 14th

Its quite impressive, and somewhat ironic, how Blizzard's least serious game is being the most serious about fostering a vibrant and long lasting competitive scene through multiple major tournaments, one of which is coming up really soon.

In a recent blog post the Heroes of the Storm team announced that the Summer Season will begin on April 14th with a massive $1,2 million USD up for grabs during the entire event.

In order to qualify for the grand finale each team will need to battle their way through various regional qualifiers that will last start on April 14th in China, and last all the way till the second North American regional ends on June 5th. Besides having the teams simply fighting for glory and a chance to reach the Global Championship, each regional tournament will offer up a prize pool which ranges from $18,000 USD all the way to a rather significant $170,000 USD.

However, the regional tournaments are all simple appetizers for the main event which will be held at DreamHack Summer (Jönköping, Sweden) where the 12 best teams in the world will fight for a combined prize pool of $500,000 USD over the course of three days, from June 18-20.

You can find the full schedule on the Heroes of the Storm website, and if you're looking for more information about the qualifiers keep your eyes peeled as Blizzard will be announcing the details in the near future.