Heroes of the Storm Probius official artwork from Blizzard

Heroes of the Storm has never shied away from silly heroes. I mean, one of the earliest heroes they added was a baby Murloc who throws around pufferfish! But even with all of that considered I must admit I was quite surprise to hear that the next hero will be an adorable little Protoss Probe by the name of Probious.

Before diving into his skills and abilities I would first suggest you check out the recently posted trailer. It doesn't feature any gameplay footage, but its a great little bit of animation and it perfectly sets the mood for Probious. Anyway, have a look:

Probious' basic ability is to spawn a Pylon, because as we've all learned from Starcraft 2 you can never have enough Pylons! Since having a bunch of crystals lying all over the map isn't very useful, Probious also has the ability to spawn in Photon Cannons in order to guard an area. Much like how it works in Starcraft you can only spawn Photon Cannons in areas covered by the Pylon's influence, so make sure you're sneaky with your positioning or your Photon Cannons will easily get disabled. Besides constructing buildings Probious also has the ability to shoot out a Disruption Pulse at his enemies, dealing a moderate amount of damage. If you really want to bring on the hurt, however, you can cast Warp Rift which is a delayed AOE explosion that deals a significant amount of damage to any enemy unlucky enough to be standing in it.

As for the ultimates, the first one is Pylon Overcharge that does pretty much exactly what you would expect. It supercharges your Pylons and gives them the ability to fend for themselves, essentially blocking off an entire region of the map from your enemies, unless they feel like fighting against extremely unfavorable odds. The second ultimate is a lot less damaging, but potentially a lot more useful. Null Gate is a relatively small wall that you can place down near your enemies, and should they cross its threshold they will be slowed down tremendously, almost guaranteeing their death if you have any allied heroes backing you up.

If you would like to see all of this in action, here's the recently posted preview trailer. There's only a few seconds showcasing each spell, but you should get the general idea: