Heroes of the Storm official artwork for the Fenix hero

While he ended up being slightly overshadowed by Tassadar's heroic sacrifice, Fenix is one of the coolest characters that came out of StarCraft's Protoss campaigns. I mean, there's not that many 'people' that can boast about needing to be killed twice before they would actually stay down for good!

With that in mind, I am delighted to say that Fenix will soon be joining Heroes of the Storm as an incredibly durable and persistent Protoss Dragoon. You can check out his abilities, as well as what he looks like in-game, through the recently posted preview down below. Have a look, it's quite an interesting video:

Fenix's abilities appear to be about as basic as they get, but I do like the general theme behind them. Just the idea of being able to weave in and out of combat in order to regenerate shields and keep a constant stream of pressure on the enemy is fun enough, but add a gigantic laser into the mix and you've got yourself hero that's well worth trying out! That said, I have a feeling Fenix will not be as simple to play as he might seem on first glance, mostly because you'll need some pretty darn good positioning in order to deal any sort of relevant damage without instantly kicking the bucket yourself.

You can expect Fenix to arrive onto the PTR (Public Test Realm) in the near future, though I'm afraid no actual release date has been given just yet. If the rumors are true, however, the PTR should be next week, while the full release will follow on March 27th. Whether that's correct or not, I suppose we'll find out soon enough!