Its not often that I deem small patches worthy of an entire article but this time around the concept is so cool I can't not showcase it to you. Cho'Gall, the big bad Ogre from the Warcraft universe, is coming today to Heroes of the Storm, his trick being that two people need to play him at the same time.

What I find especially funny about this is that lore-wise Cho'Gall's two heads are constantly squabbling and arguing with each other so when you put in two random players who have no idea what they're doing in to the same body they're going to be perfectly roleplaying as Cho'Gall!

But how does this whole thing work? One player (the one that picks the hero first) will control the movement as well as act as a melee bruiser while the other player will control Cho'Gall's arsenal of magic abilities. The idea being that through good coordination two players can accomplish much more than they could if they were two separate heroes, albeit at a disadvantage in terms of mobility.

If the whole idea of a two-player hero wasn't crazy enough Cho'Gall is also unlocked in a fun way. He will be given to all Blizzcon participants and from then on its up to the community to spread the Cho'Gall love virus. You see, the only way to unlock him is to join up as Gall to someone else's Cho after which you will have him permanently unlocked and ready to spread further. After a while its going to be easy to unlock him but its still a fun little thing they did and I at least appreciate it.

Also worth noting is that if an enemy kills Cho'Gall it will count as a double-kill with all of the exp benefits that brings so make sure you don't pointlessly die with him because you can set your team back something fierce.

From what HOTS I've played (reached rank 1 a few months back then stopped for other games) its incredibly important to have 3 people in each of the lanes while the other two secure ganks / help out. With Cho'Gall on your team its going to be hard to spread across the map while still securing objectives so I'm not sure how he's going to pan out balance wise.

Perhaps he'll find a place in more aggressive lineups that want to get team fights going early and often?

With that said, allow me to distract you with the spotlight video I go sneak away to re-download HOTS.