Heroes of the Storm artwork featuring Mecha Tyrael and Mecha Rehgar

Heroes of the Storm might not be a game for everyone, but the cinematics the team keeps pumping out every month or two are definitely worth a look regardless of your MOBA preference. Unlike the previous Winter Veil cinematic that primarily focused on lighthearted humor and bringing the heroes together, the most recent MechaStorm video is straight-up action from the very beginning to the very end.

So if you're interested in seeing mecha versions of Tyrael and Rehgar square off against Xenotech Abathur and his mechanized locusts, all set to some pretty kick-ass music, you'll find the latest cinematic short right below. Have a look, it really is quite something:

As you might expect, the three skins featured above are now also available in-game in three different variants. You can get a closer look at them by either going to the in-game store or by heading over to the original announcement. And as a final note, it is worth mentioning that this update has also added a Mecha Tyrael Announcer, just in case you really wanted to go with the whole mecha theme. Have fun!