New gameplay footage of the Dark Souls 3 thief class

Despite the Souls series being so popular these days and Dark Souls 3 at the head of a massive hype train there is surprisingly little gameplay footage, especially of the thief "class".

So if you're like me and you're looking for more I have some good news because a youtuber by the name of Gilmore Mizzi captured 6 minutes of Dark Souls 3 footage from a recent private From Software stream. Here's the video:


Before anything else its worth saying that this footage was compressed twice, first by the streaming service and then once again by youtube so if you see some graphical artefacts that would be the reason why.

As for the actual footage it seems to be set during the early portions of the game given that all of the enemies are fairly weak hollows. Could this potentially be the tutorial section? The open casket at the beginning seems to suggest you crawled out of it and with all of the messages strewn about I'm inclined to believe so.

Dark Souls 3 tutorial area and messages

The intro section for Dark Souls 3?

I'm sure everyone else noted this but its surprising how similar Dark Souls 3 looks to Bloodborne. This is especially evident in the side-dashes and overall faster pace of the combat compared to the previous Souls games. One thing you might not have noticed is that these dashes used up the player's mana pool meaning this could be the fabled Weapon Arts the developers talked about but never really showcased well.

While on that topic, there was a moment fairly late in the video where the character used an estus flask that didn't regenerate his health, but rather mana instead. Whether this is a consumable item similar to the herbs in Dark Souls 2 or an actual flask you can refill we don't know but its certainly an interesting addition for magic users.

And finally, let's address the demonstrator's love for undead backsides given how many backstabs he delivered in a single 6 minute video. The good thing about all that repetition is that we got to see how much more visceral, and bloody, they've become.

Again the Bloodborne influence rears its head here because the dagger's backstab attack seems to have very similar effects to the one from Bloodborne. Makes me wonder how cool finishers with the Murakumo or other such massive curved swords will look. Unfortunately I have a feeling I'll be waiting till release for that one.

Dark Souls 3 is set to arrive in the West on April 12th for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. I for one can't wait.