Helldivers 2 official artwork and logo

[Update]: Helldivers 2 is getting a bunch of very explosive new weaponry on April 11th.

Barely any time has gone by since the last major Helldivers 2 update, and already the Arrowhead team has returned with more stuff to mess around with. First and foremost, the Automatons now have two massive new units to contend with: flying, armored gunships, as well as AT-AT inspired walking fortresses that spew out bots and bullets in equal measure.

And if that's just not enough danger for you, Patch 1.000.200 has also added two new planetary hazards: blizzards and sandstorms. I've unfortunately not a had a chance to try them out just yet, but I can only imagine they're going to severely limit visibility and make it so the brave (or foolish) Helldivers can sneak in a couple of objectives while the enemies are nearly blind.

Besides the new content, the update has also brought with it a plethora of bug fixes, balance changes, as well as an increase to the maximum level cap. Instead of capping out at 50, you can now level all the way to 150 and unlock a bunch of new titles, of which "Admirable Admiral" is definitely the best I've seen!

In terms of weapon balance, both the Slugger and Arc Thrower have received massive nerfs, while the Anti-Materiel Rifle, Dominator and, oddly enough, Breaker Incendiary have all snagged some major buffs. Personally, I have no idea why the Breaker Incendiary got buffed as the weapon worked perfectly fine before... provided you managed to avoid the frequent bug that made the fire do literally zero damage.

That's not all, however, as the update has also brought with it some notable nerfs to enemies. Bile Spewers and Nursing Spewers now deal less damage to enemies, Shriker corpses are no longer able to annihilate anything they touch, and most importantly of all, rocket-based attacks from the Automatons should now no longer one-shot Helldivers... or at least not one-shot them as easily!

You can check out the full list of changes, including all of the numbers behind the weapon tweaks, over at Steam.

Enjoy, and I'll make sure to let you know once the next big update goes live - most likely next week alongside the next 'Battle Pass'.