Hearts of Iron IV La Résistance official artwork without logo

Despite it releasing quite a few years ago, it appears that Paradox is still not done working on Hearts of Iron IV. I say this because they have just recently launched a brand new and rather sizable expansion - La Résistance.

As the name itself would suggest, La Résistance brings in new focus trees for France that revolve around the underground fight for freedom, as well as the unexpected option to straight up restore the old French Monarchy, should you be so inclined. Espionage has also been added as a way of winning the information war, as well as developing resistance to an opponent's spying and overall influence. Needless to say, expect to be recruiting quite a few spies if you plan for your empire to last!

You can get a bit of a closer look at all of this, as well as the rest of the features that came with La Résistance, through the recently posted release trailer. Have a peek:

While I would love to tell you that everything has gone well with La Résistance, I'm afraid the expansion currently has quite a few problems, both technical and gameplay related. Paradox is aware of the community criticism and is already working on fixing the issues, however, but that might take a little while as the patch is still currently in beta. As such, I would highly recommend waiting a week or two before diving into La Résistance, just to be on the safe side.

You can learn more about La Résistance, as well as Hearts of Iron IV itself, over at Steam.