Hearthstone's Mean Streets of Gadgetzan artwork showing a bunch of Murlocks on motorcycles

During the recent Mean Streets of Gadgetzan steam the Hearthstone crew has decided to unleash a massive flurry of information. First and foremost, we now have an official release date! I hope you have been saving up your gold because the next Hearthstone expansion is coming this very week, December 1st to be specific.

And to further add fuel onto the fire, Blizzard has also revealed every single card coming in with Mean Streets of Gadgetzan! You can check all of them out by heading over to Hearthstone's Facebook page. As for me, allow me to show you a couple of the more... interesting cards revealed today:

Hearthstone's Mayor Noggenfogger card

Hearthstone's Krul the Unshackled card

Hearthstone's upcoming card Hobart Grapplehammer

Hearthstone's upcoming card Sergeant Sally

Hearthstone's upcoming card, or rather meme, Shadow Rager

While the fact that the Rogue class has been relegated to a bad punchline annoys me to no end, there is still a lot of potential in this update. Reno decks will see a massive resurgence with the new Cabal cards, Jade Golems will certainly make for an interesting control/ramp Druid deck, while the assortment of Grimy Goons might actually make Paladin a relevant class once more.

And best of all, after being nigh unplayable for nearly a year now Priest is coming back with a vengeance! Not only are they getting some quality minion cards, some of which are here to help with their sorely lacking early game, but they are also getting some incredibly powerful board-clearing tools. The new potion might not be Lightbomb, but its equally as explosive!

Which decks will rise and which decks will fall, I have absolutely no idea, but I do know that Hearthstone is going to be amazing for the next few weeks. There's nothing quite like watching the entire community experiment with funky new decks and mechanics, because you never know if one of these "new and creative" ideas will eventually turn to the dark side and dominate the ladder with an iron grip. Whatever the case may be, bring on the expansion, I'm tired of Shamans!