Hearthstone patch artwork showing off Wildheart Guff card

[Update]: Hearthstone's March of the Lich King expansion has added a brand new class - the Death Knight.

Even though Hearthstone's meta frequently converges on a couple of decks that are significantly more powerful than their counterparts, this latest one has felt especially egregious. After all, there's only so many times a person can fight against the same classes, archetypes and cards over and over and over again before something snaps.

So after seeing all of the complaints, Blizzard has now unleashed Update 24.2.2 as a hotfix in order to address some of the bigger outliers. More changes will most likely be coming in the near future to polish out any rough edges, but with a bit of luck Update 24.2.2 should get the meta into a nice and diverse state so no more massive nerfs will be necessary.

As for the actual changes, Wildheart Guff's battlecry and hero power now grant empty mana crystals instead of full ones, Edwin, Defias Kingpin now costs 4 mana and has 4/4 stats, Magister Dawngrasp’s hero power only gains +1 damage on honorable kills, Nightcloak Sanctum has two charges instead of three, and just to make sure Quest Hunter doesn't become too obnoxious, Defend the Dwarven District now requires you to do damage with three spells instead of two, and the list goes on.

Update 24.2.2 has also brought in a variety of changes to the Battlegrounds game mode, including a rebalance of the newly added quest system, as well a whole host of nerfs for the Duels game mode. You can check out the full list of changes, as well as the reasoning behind them, over at the Hearthstone website.

Have fun with the new meta!