[Edit] Since the writing of this article the expansion has also been released on the Chinese, Korean and Japanese servers.

In a move that surprised pretty much everyone Blizzard announced during this years Blizzcon that the Hearthstone expansion - The League of Explorers will be going live only a mere week later.

And now, a week has past and the first wing of the adventure, the Temple of Orsis is playable in the Americas region with the rest following soon.

Bored of waiting for the EU version to come online I opted to get a sneak peak with the NA client and my first impressions are quite good.

The Temple of Orsis is the home of three bosses, my favorite of which is the Temple Escape.

Its not a boss in the traditional sense, there is no health bar to attack, you simply have to survive 10 rounds.

Every round a new obstacle will appear, sometimes its the boss playing a beefy minion, other times you might find an "event" such as a bed of spikes where you have to choose if you want to do a risky swing across (which means you either take 0 or 10 damage) or just crawl through for guaranteed 5 damage or perhaps the boss might just wipe the board clean.

Its a completely new style of a Hearthstone match and even the Normal version of the fight, which is laughably easy, has been so fun I've opted to do it multiple times with different decks.

My NA account doesn't have many cards so I sadly couldn't try the Heroic version of the boss but hopefully the EU servers have sorted out whatever caused the connection issues many have noticed the past few days and we'll all be able to play without a problem.

After completing the entire wing you will have 10 new cards, which as far as adventure rewards go is quite high. Just for comparison, the entirety of Naxxramas had 30 cards, Blackrock Mountain had 31 and the newly released League of Explorers has 45. If its value you seek, The League of Explorers seems to be the biggest bang for your buck (or gold).

While I'm not sure many of them will see play outside of Arena its always great to have new cards to experiment with and at least for the first few weeks you're going to see some wacky decks in constructed.