Hearthstone screenshot of Infinite Toki

If you haven't touched Hearthstone in a while, or if you're mostly a Constructed player, you might want to go and give the Arena mode another chance as the new Taverns of Time special event is quite an enjoyable one. It has brought with it 28 new and rather ridiculous cards to toy around with, cards that have completely reshuffled the balance of power among the heroes.

The addition of overpowered cards might sound like a bad thing, and to be perfectly honest I can definitely see myself agreeing with that viewpoint, but thankfully this whole event and its cards will only remain active for a couple of weeks, until July 2nd. So while the new cards may completely reshape the Arena landscape, at least you can rest easy with the knowledge that next month they'll be well and truly gone. Until then, however, I would highly recommend embracing the nonsense and just having a bit of fun with the significantly increased power levels.

As for the future, I really do hope Blizzard will keep doing more of these kinds of events. They're basically like a Tavern Brawl for Arena, and much like Tavern Brawls they have the potential to keep the 'same' formula fresh and interesting for many years to come.

Whatever the case may be, I'm pretty sure the public reception to this event will be the main deciding factor on what Blizzard does with future events, so make sure to give it a try and let Blizzard know how you feel about it. Have fun!