Whispers of the Old Gods are now available in Europe

After forcing us to endure the cruel and unusual punishment of watching fellow players from the Americas enjoy numerous C'thun filled hours of Hearthstone, Blizzard has finally and triumphantly unleashed the Whispers of the Old Gods upon the EU servers... after which they promptly crashed...

Thankfully they are now back, and after encountering exactly zero playful sprites despite opening 30 packs I would say that they are currently in a stable, and most importantly, playable state!


If you're interested in what sort of cards you'll be able to pull from packs (hint: its endless copies of Boogeymonster) I'd suggest you head over to Hearthpwn to check them out because Blizzard's own reveal was an uncategorized mess where Priest cards mingled with Rogue cards making everyone excited for those brief few minutes before reality kicked in.

As for me, I've actually managed to pull almost every single one of the new Rogue cards in only 30 packs, so here's to hoping that my favorite class isn't as bad as many have predicted it will be. Unfortunately, my few initial games were incredibly rough since I had no reliable board clear against the overwhelmingly popular Darwin Shaman, a deck based around the Evolve card.  Chances are good I just have terrible deckbuilding skills, so let's wait for a week or two and see if anyone manages to do anything interesting with Rogue before starting up #RogueLivesMatter.

With all of that said, I wish you the best of luck with your 13 free packs, and remember, just don't say Boogeymonster three times or he might just appear!

Hearthstone's Boogeymonster legendary is terrible