Hearthstone's Whispers Of The Old Gods Expansion is coming April 26

After the information was accidentally leaked about 3-4 times now, Blizzard has finally and officially confirmed that Whispers of the Old Gods will be creeping in to Hearthstone on April 26.

Unfortunately for us in Europe and Asia, the Old Gods will be taking a short nap and resuming their march towards world domination on April 27, hopefully without the usual week of server crashes that follows any sort of EU launch. Here's the extra spooky trailer if you've managed to miss it:


Whispers of the Old Gods will be introducing 134 brand new cards, the currently announced ones you can view in a neatly organized list over at Hearthpwn.

Besides the cards themselves, WotOG will also split the competitive format in to Wild (where every single card is allowed) and Standard (where only cards from the current and previous year are legal to use alongside the core & basic class sets). While this might not sound like a big deal, the majority of really overpowered minions comes from both Naxxramas and Goblins vs Gnomes, two expansions that are now rotating out, so expect to see a lot more variety when it comes to deck-building, no more Dr. Boom in 90% of decks!

Whispers of the Old Gods pre-order card back

This is the card-back you receive by pre-ordering

Finally, there will changes to 10-20 classic cards (the exact number hasn't been announced) with the intention of nerfing those that are either completely annoying to play against (Druid combo comes to mind), or those that severely limit the potential of future cards (Rogue's Master of Disguise being an excellent example of this). Bear in mind that the cards I mentioned are purely speculation, so while it would be nice for them to change, don't throw a party just yet.

If you're interested in some lore, or a couple of other details about the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion, head over to the official Hearthstone website.