Hearthstone's One Night In Kharazan adventure Moroes artwork

While not without its controversies, Hearthstone's One Night In Kharazan adventure has finally arrived with a dozen new cards, 4 bosses, and a whole bunch of new and interesting mechanics. Its a bit premature, I'm fully aware of that, but from playing the first wing alone I am confident in saying that this might just be the best adventure Hearthstone has seen to date. The boss fights are just that good!

If you know absolutely nothing about One Night in Kharazan and wish to learn more through the medium of disco music, here's the relatively recent announcement trailer:


I won't comment on the quality of the cards since I'm still trudging through the Heroic mode, but the Heroic version of the Chess battle is some of the most fun I've had in quite a while. Its unique, its challenging, and its absolutely bloody ridiculous. Even if you don't usually enjoy Heroic fights I fully suggest you give the Chess battle a try. It'll get your brain gears spinning, that's for sure.

As far as tips and strategies are concerned, my main advice is to ensure your minions are always hitting two of theirs, even if this means you have to hold a playable minion in your hand. The second, although much more obvious piece of advice is to always keep a wounded Pawn on the left, just in case the Black King decides to smite something that day. Finally, just make sure to plan your turns ahead of time so when you place new minions you don't sabotage your own game... but who would ever do such a silly thing... certainly not me! 

The second wing will only be unlocked next week, so make sure to use this opportunity to test out all of the new cards while everyone else is doing the same. The ladder should hopefully be free of face Shaman, at least for a while anyway, so now would be the perfect time to do so. Have fun!