Toki the Time Tinkerer from Hearthstone's The Witchwood expansion

Hearthstone's The Witchwood expansion arrived earlier this month, bringing with it 135 new cards and a couple of new mechanics to toy around with. If you don't have enough gold to actually try out all of the new cards, or if you're just not a fan of the competitive multiplayer, you might be interested to hear that the completely free Monster Hunt PvE mode has now arrived as well.

In the most basic terms, the Monster Hunt is an improved version of the Kobolds & Catacombs Dungeon Run. What this means in gameplay terms is that you'll have to choose from four unique heroes, fight against eight randomized and increasingly more challenging bosses, and perhaps most interestingly of all, construct a deck from cards you can pick after each battle. It is a fairly simple system, and much like the Dungeon Run it is a pretty darn enjoyable one!

Completing the Monster Hunt with each of the four heroes will reward you with a Witchwood card pack, though this offer will only be available until July 26th. If you prefer cosmetics over cards, however, you'll want to complete the Monster Hunt with all four heroes as this will unlock a special new challenge - a 1v1 duel against the evil witch Hagatha. Simply beat her in a 'completely fair' battle and you'll be granted a simple yet still attractive card back.

You can learn a little bit more about the Monster Hunt, as well as the characters you'll meet throughout it, over at the official website. Have fun!