Hearthstone's Kobolds & Catacombs expansion artwork

After weeks upon weeks of teasers and slow card reveals, Hearthstone's Kobolds & Catacombs expansion has now finally arrived. It has brought with it 135 new cards to play around with, including a Legendary weapon for all nine classes, as well as a repeatable singleplayer adventure!

There isn't a full list available just yet, but you can read about some of the new cards over at the official website. As for the new singleplayer mode, its essentially a mini-RPG. Each run through the dungeon will help you strengthen your hero and your pre-build deck, all in order to defeat eight progressively more challenging bosses. Most importantly of all, the new game mode is completely free for all players, so if you're even remotely interested in it simply head on over to Hearthstone and give it a look!

I haven't played enough matches yet to comment about the quality of the new cards, but so far my experience has been pretty damn good... outside of the eternal loading times for the new singleplayer mode. As such, even if you haven't played Hearthstone in a very long time, I would say its worth coming back and giving it a look. I'm sure the age-old bugbears will resurface in a couple of weeks as they usually do, but as of right now this is the most fun I've had with a new expansion.

And as a final note, allow me to send you off with the short musical trailer. As expected, its quite something special. Enjoy!