Hearthstone's Leeroy artwork

Card games are notoriously difficult to get into. Not only do you have to learn all of the cards and mechanics added over the course of many years, you have to do all of that while fighting with a completely sub par collection. As such, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to hear that Blizzard will soon be introducing the Welcome Bundle as a potential route for new players wishing to kick-start their collection.

The Welcome Bundle will contain within it 10 Classic packs, each featuring 5 cards of random rarity, as well as a guaranteed class Legendary card - many of which are quite good even today! All of this will set you back $5 which is well under standard price, especially if you consider that the bundle brings with it a guaranteed Legendary card. You will only be able to purchase the Welcome Bundle once per account, however, but even so this should go a long way towards making Hearthstone just a bit more welcoming towards new players.

As of right now the Welcome Bundle is not available for purchase, but all signs point towards it appearing as a part of the upcoming patch (which is rumored to be arriving later today). And speaking of the upcoming patch, it will also bring with it a whole slew of balance changes, all with the intent of making Arena a much more pleasant (and Mage/Rogue free) experience. If you're interested in that aspect of Hearthstone, head over here to learn more.