Hearthstone is adding deck recipes to help new players

One of the main issues that plagues new Hearthstone players is the inability to create competitive decks (or even remotely playable ones), a fact that becomes even more problematic when you realize how utterly terrible the current in-game suggestion tool is.

After many, many months of waiting Blizzard has finally announced Deck Recipes as an answer to the age old Hearthstone problem. Here's a brief overview of what exactly Deck Recipes will entail:

Deck Recipes are an upcoming Hearthstone feature designed to help fledgling deckbuilders by giving them a solid core as a foundation upon which they can experiment and expand. Each class will contain 3 Deck Recipes: one classic recipe and two themed ones.

For those players that have just started playing Hearthstone Blizzard is adding classic recipes - deck building guides that only contain classic and basic cards. The idea here is not to provide a legend-ready deck but rather a simple and easy to play list with which the player can have fun as they learn the ropes.

The themed recipes come in to effect once the player is slightly more advanced and understands all of the basic principles as well as how important card synergies are. These decks are heavily refined and as such can be used to gain high ladder ranks which does come with one very difficult issue to overcome for new players, the need for specific cards. The system will attempt to give you suggestions if you don't own certain cards but for some decks, such as Malygos rogue, not having a couple of the more expensive cards means the deck is almost worthless.

It also doesn't help that even in the introductory blog post announcing the idea Blizzard has managed to make a terrible suggestion, as seen below:

Hearthsone Deck Recipe suggestion

Deck focused around spellpower? Who needs it!

Its completely understandable that new players won't have Bloodmage Thalnos as he's the ultimate "useful yet boring" legendary but that's no excuse for not suggesting either Kobold Geomancer (spellpower) or Loot Hoarder (card draw) as replacements for it given that those are both things the Malygos Rogue deck needs, not random 2 cost minions.

Those types of issues aside, this is still an excellent addition to Hearhstone and one that should help new players immensely. It might not be completely foolproof, and it certainly won't be used by skilled players, but I know I would have benefit from it when I first started so I didn't have to go through the humiliation of playing a Shaman Deck focused around Totemic Might, possibly the worst card in the game.

While its unknown when exactly this update will hit, its expected to arrive in the near future, and definitely before the Standard & Wild ladder split.