Hearthstone's new Shaman hero, Morgl the Oracle

Playing against Shaman these days can be a pretty frustrating experience. If you don't instantly remove their one-drop you will die, if you don't instantly remove their two-drop you will die, and if you don't remove their coined 4-mana 7-7 you are still going to die!

Thankfully, it does appear that Blizzard is aware of these concerns as they have recently released a brand new Shaman Hero, an adorable little Murloc that goes by the name of Morgl the Oracle, perfectly designed to destroy you in the most pleasant of ways. Don't believe me? Here's a trailer showcasing Morgl's "fearsome battle-cry":


In order to receive Morgl the Oracle you will need to recruit-a-friend and have them reach a combined level of 20, a task that should realistically take around an hour or two, even for the most inexperienced of players.

If you don't have any friends on hand or if you simply want to get your hands on Morgl as soon as possible, you could always recruit yourself and trade an hour of your time for some Murlocy goodness. For those among you that do decide to take this route, my suggestion would be to simply play against the easy innkeeper a couple of times with each class as that should give you the most amount of level-ups for the least amount of hassle.

Have fun, and remember, if you aren't smacking your enemy square in the face you aren't a true Shaman!