Hearthstone's Journey to Un'Goro artwork

Hearthstone's Journey to Un'Goro expansion launched yesterday, bringing with it 135 new and exciting cards to collect. Or at least that was the idea, because the moment the expansion launched the Hearthstone forums and subreddit got swarmed with complaints about faulty card distribution. While this didn't affect me and my measly 30 packs, many people ended up with a lot of duplicates of the same cards, occasionally even getting the same few Legendary cards over and over again.

As you might expect the situation instantly spiraled out of the control, so much so that Blizzard has now come out to officially confirm that Journey to Un'Goro card packs are working perfectly fine. In other words, I'm afraid you've just been unlucky. Here's the full quote from Blizzard's Community Manager Daxxarri:

"We have seen a number of posts from our community today regarding Journey to Un'Goro packs and the possibility that they might be distributing an abnormally high amount of duplicate cards. We want to assure everyone that we have looked into this concern and have found that Journey to Un'Goro card distribution is working properly, both at a per card and per rarity basis, and is consistent with previous Hearthstone releases.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We really do appreciate all the feedback, even when related to possible bugs or concerns around the game."

However, while the packs themselves may be perfectly fine, you should keep in mind that Hearthstone's pricing model is anything but. I love Hearthstone, but for $50 you can get a brand new AAA game that you can play for upwards of 30 hours, or 50 Hearthstone card packs that will give you on average 2-3 Legendary cards, a couple of Epics, and a whole bunch of mediocre cards - none of which are guaranteed to be actually useful. How you value your money and time is your own business, but just remember that little fact the next time you consider a $50 expansion preorder.