Hearthstone artwork for Patches the Pirate card

[Update]: Hearthstone's next Battlegrounds update will removed both Arcane Cannon and Gentle Megasaur.

If you've gotten tired of every Hearthstone Battlegrounds match ending up with the exact same strategies and minions, you might want to check out the newly release update. It has not only added Pirates as a brand new faction with 17 new minions and 3 new heroes, but also a shifting minion pool to help spice things up!

At the start of each Battlegrounds game, only five of the six currently available minion types (Beasts, Demons, Dragons, Mechs, Murlocs, and now Pirates) will be available. Heroes designed with synergies around specific minion types will be disabled if their corresponding tribe is banned, while the likes of Rat King will merely have one aspect of their hero power removed.

For now Pirates will always be a part of the minion pool in order to give everyone a chance to test them out, though they will join the rest as a part of the shifting minion pool in a future update. But even with Pirates being omnipresent, this update should make things a lot more interesting as the best builds will change almost every single match - or at least that's what we all hope for!

You can check out all of the new Pirate cards, as well as what awaits Hearthstone in the future, over at the official website. Enjoy!