Hearthstone's artwork for Illidan from the cinematic trailer

Blizzard has said many times before that they would prefer to keep fleshing out the current classes rather than creating new ones, which is I'm both surprised and happy to say they'll soon be bringing in the Demon Hunter! Much like its World of Warcraft counterpart, the Demon Hunter class will have a fast and aggressive gameplay style, with the Hero Power only further enforcing this by boosting the Demon Hunter's attack by one for the low cost of one mana.

However, unlike the Warrior which can offset the health cost of their aggression through armor cards, the Demon Hunter will not have access to any direct healing spells. Instead, you'll need to keep your health topped off through lifestealing, which should be quite interesting as it gives your opponent a chance to mess you up through the use of large taunt minions and damage buffs.

The Demon Hunter will first appear this April 2nd as a part of a new prologue campaign consisting of four Illidan Stormrage focused story missions. Completing this prologue will grant you the Demon Hunter class, all 10 Demon Hunter basic cards, as well as 20 other Demon Hunter cards that belong to the Year of the Dragon set. Unfortunately, you won't immediately be able to continue playing as the Demon Hunter given that the class will only become available this April 7th once the Ashes of Outland expansion releases.

When it comes to the expansion itself, Ashes of Outland brings with it 135 new cards to toy around with, Prime Legendary cards that shuffle themselves into your deck and become stronger upon death, as well as a couple of new keywords. You can check out all of the currently announced cards over at the official list.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a more in-depth explanation of just what each new mechanic has to offer, you should check out the original Ashes of Outland announcement blog. Enjoy, and I'll leave you with the second and rather short cinematic trailer.