Creative Destructions has released a trailer for their latest IS Defense game

Do you remember Hatred, the game that marketed itself as an extremely offensive poke at modern civilization and our sensibilities only to launch as a boring and uninspired twin-stick shooter?

Well, the developers Destructive Creation are at it again with another game designed solely to sell based on controversy. This time around its IS Defense, a game that just might be crazy and explosive enough to be fun. Here's the trailer:


While the entirety of the gameplay does seem to be a prolonged turret section the destruction physics and explosion effects look really good. Without trying to be sarcastic I think that IS Defense could be an excellent niche game if they focused on those two aspects and ramped up the action to the extreme, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance style. As for the controversial parts of it, they are even more tame and boring than those found in Hatred.

Which brings me to my question of why even bother with controversial themes if you're not going to go all out. I'm not someone that's easily offended so if they decided to do a truthful portrayal of the horrors of war people are experiencing to this day I would've praised their boldness and willingness to show things how they are despite the backlash. Instead all Destructive Creation seems to do is sprinkle a few offensive bits and pieces here and there without any underlying message to give them context.

To conclude this short rant of mine: IS Defense is a potentially good but niche game with some completely pointless and superficial offensive elements added to boost its marketability.

IS Defense is currently going through Steam Greenlight so if you want to make your vote count you can go there but take my advice and don't scroll down to the comment section, nothing of value lies there.