Hard Reset Redux Tesla gun

Hard Reset Redux, as you might imagine from the name, is an updated version of Hard Reset that brings with it a cyber-katana, better mobility, enhanced visuals, new enemy types, as well as improved performance. The most important change for the veterans, however, is the rebalanced gameplay and the reshuffling of enemies in order to make for a fresh experience.

If you're wondering what all of that looks like in action the developers recently posted a gameplay video showcasing "10 minutes of glorious 60FPS mayhem". Have a look:


Those among you that supported Flying Wild Hog in the past, either by buying Hard Reset or the modern Shadow Warrior, are in for a bit of a treat as you can grab Hard Reset Redux at an 85% discount. You don't have to do anything in order to unlock this, if you own either Hard Reset or Shadow Warrior on Steam you will have the coupon automatically applied to Hard Reset Redux, and no, the discounts don't stack up.

Everyone else can grab Hard Reset Redux for €18/$18 on Steam, which includes the currently ongoing 10% launch week discount. If you were hoping to buy any of the previous games in order to earn yourself the 85% reduction in price I'm afraid that is no longer possible, but you should still try Shadow Warrior, I had a great deal of fun with it.

Hard Reset Redux features a cyber-katana