Battletoads official screenshot of the melee-focused brawler combat

The original Battletoads has acquired a somewhat legendary reputation over the years, and for good reason. Its presentation and fast-paced action, combined with a difficulty curve that could reduce even grown men to a quivering mess, made it the perfect choice when you needed a game that would really mess with your friends.

So given its popularity, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to hear that Battletoads has now received a spiritual successor. The new Battletoads brings with it a variety of fast-paced gameplay styles, cartoon inspired and hand-drawn visuals, a combo based combat system with plenty of morph attacks, and naturally, good ol' fashioned co-op madness for up to three players.

You can get a pretty good idea of what all of this looks like in gameplay terms, as well as what sort of tone Battletoads is even going for, through the trailer below. Have a gander:

While I can't speak about its quality, it's well worth mentioning that Battletoads is a remarkably short game. If you're even remotely experienced with the genre, and doubly so if you're a veteran of the original, it looks like you can beat the new Battletoads in about two to three hours. So if you're planning to grab yourself a copy, you might want to do a little bit of a research before hand - just to be on the safe side.

You can do so, as well as keep an eye on any potential updates, over at Steam. Have fun!