Halo Infinite artwork showing off the Forge toolkit

According to the September developer update, Halo Infinite's co-op campaign and Forge editor will be launching on November 8th. Unfortunately, the previously announced split-screen co-op option has been canceled entirely as 343 Industries simply don't have the time or resources to work on it.

Out of the two upcoming features, however, the Forge editor is by far the most exciting one as it offers players the ability to create their very own maps, rework or tweak weapons and vehicles, as well as create entirely new game modes for everyone to mess around with. It's going to be a remarkably powerful tool, and unsurprisingly, one that will take a fair bit of tinkering and experimentation before you can truly master it.

But if you would like to kickstart the process and learn what exactly Forge is capable of, you'll be happy to hear that 343 Industries have now launched the first out of a series of tutorials covering some of the key concepts. The very first video is mostly an overview of some of the basic features and their uses, so if you're curious about creating your own maps, this would be a pretty good way to start. Have a gander:

There will be three additional tutorials launching in the near future, each one covering different design aspects and the tools behind them. Part 2 will be all about scripting and bots, Part 3 will talk about lightning and audio, while the final Part 4 will detail the process of building your own maps and sharing them with the world.

You can learn a little bit more about all of this, as well as keep an eye on the upcoming Forge tutorials, over at the Halo website. Enjoy!